Tuesday, April 28, 2009

100 DAYS

Wow! 100 days. For some of us it seems like yesterday. For others it seems ages ago. The news reporters and political correspondents have been reporting for hours a day since day 25. What has he done today? What has he accomplished? There's the economy. There's the war. There's health care. What's his report card looking like? I can't imagine why anyone in this world would want the responsibility especially in this day and age.

100 days for those waiting to go on vacation or retirement or for kids waiting for Christmas or summer vacation will never get here. For those watching their grandkids grow up or celebrating that social security birthday, "Wow where did the time go"? I tried to think of the things I accomplished in the last 100 days. I joined a group called Community for Change to help better our community, organized and helped out with several fundraisers, had cataract surgery on both eyes and like the first family got a dog. Wasn't much compared with getting a stimulus package passed, taking on the banks and car manufacturers, visiting several foreign countries and heads of state, setting policies for Afghanistan and Iraq, nuclear weapons in Korea, fighting pirates, Mexican drug dealers and the Republicans on a daily basis. And now he has to battle the swine flu and answer for the planes flying over New York. What idiot thought of that? What will the next 100 days be like? It makes my head spin thinking of it. When I have a doctor’s appointment or something I am not comfortable with happening the next day, tossing and turning all night and thinking about it is normal for me. Can you imagine what goes through the president's mind each night as he lays his head on his pillow trying to fall asleep?

I am just extremely happy that he was the one who won this election, the one who will handle all these issues and problems. He can do it. During Meet the Press this week-end it was said that he loves the job. That he maintains a normal routine and is the "politics of calm." Wow with someone like him at the helm our chances are good. I worked hard for the right candidate and am proud of it.

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Sounds like you have been super busy the last 100 days too!